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this is just the repost of one of my earlier contributions to the Bix Beiderbecke craze. I posted it because Mr. Ferrick from the Bix Forum listed some 'tribute-to-Bix-Lp's' from his collection:

Bix Tribute Lp's from long ago
by George Ferrick
I'm getting into doing transfers of Lp's to cd. I have come across some long forgotten records in my collection. First and old favorite, Hooray for Bix! Marty Grosz and His Honoris Causa Jazz Band (Riverside 1109 Stereo) featuring Carl Halen -What ever happened to him? Second, Billy Plays Bix --Billy Butterfield Jazz Band (Epic BA 17026 Stereo)-- nice evocative arrangements. These first two date in late fifteis and early sixties. Third, A Portrait of Bix-- Bob Haggart featuring Tom Pletcher(Jazzology 149 stereo) and finally, Echoes of Bix -Rosy McHargue and the Jazzin Babies. Great almost forgotten records! I'm enjoying them again.

I only have the below tribute by Bunny Berigan and the indeed wonderful LP Billy Plays Bix, of which I will post some of the most significant tracks in a few days.

And so: Stay tuned and enjoy!



(Please click on the picture to enlarge.)

Not only the initials are the same, also the insane drinking habits of both men, Leon Bismark (he didn't like that reference at all!) 'Bix' Beiderbecke and Rowland Bernard 'Bunny' Berigan.

There's so much you can find in the web about them, that I spare you and me many words. Music speaks louder than words anyway, and so here we go with the Bunny Berigan Octet and their tribute to Bix Beiderbecke. All but one tune composed by Bix, only two of them had been actually recorded by himself and will serve as a 'preface':

Davenport Blues, here with Bix & His Rhythm Jugglers (1925) and the beautiful In A Mist with Bix at the piano (1927).

And now: Bunny does Bix

The line-up for Bunny Berigan & His Men:

Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman (tp), Ray Conniff (tb), Murray Williams, Gud Biovona (as, cl), Georgie Auld (ts), Joe Lippman (p), Hank Wayland (b), Buddy Rich (dr) - New York, November 30, 1938; "Dark" and "Dog" were recorded on December 1, 1938;


In A Mist

Davenport Blues


In The Dark

...and the walkin' wuff-wuff, not related to Bix, Walkin' The Dog.

Here are all tracks in a row, for your convenience: